Dear Parents/Guardians,

The State Government has announced today that for Term 2 Victorian students will be educated from home. Bethal Primary School will be providing flexible and remote learning arrangements.

The advice states that all children who can learn at home must learn from home.

We will be providing on-site learning for students whose parents are essential workers that can’t work from home and for vulnerable students without access to a suitable learning environment at home.

Our staff have already begun preparing for learning from home which includes online learning arrangements.

Next Tuesday 14th April is a pupil free day which will be used by teachers to continue to prepare for getting ready for home learning and online learning.   This will commence from Wednesday 15th April.

We will continue to provide families with an update when we have received further information from the Department of Education.

This morning’s media release:

If you have any questions please email the school.

Thank you,

Teresa DeMercurio


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